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23. 07. 2009.   17:48:16


At the Military Academy, today, the official handover of duties between the former Head of the Military Academy, major – general Vidosav Kovacevic and brigadier general Mladen Vuruna has been made. Brigadier General Mladen Vuruna, was, by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Serbia, appointed for a new Head of this degree-granting institution.

The handover has been attended by the Deputy Minister of Defense, Zoran Jeftic, the Chief of the General Staff of the Army of Serbia, lieutenant-general Miloje Miletic, a state secretary Igor Jovicic and the Head of the Human Resources Sector, brigadier general Sladjan Djordjevic, teachers, students of the Military Academy and numerous other guests. 

Deputy Minister of Defense, Zoran Jeftic, pointed out that the Military Academy, with the accreditation, had become a recognized part of the higher-education of the Republic of Serbia and that general Kovacevic had achieved historical results in the reform of military education and that he would be remembered by that.  – General Kovacevic united the Military Academy and clearly defined the academic and military story in education of a contemporary officer. He made a series of successful contacts with academies and faculties at home and abroad. He signed a number of agreements on cooperation with the University of Belgrade and Nis, thanks to them the degrees of the Military Academy are recognized everywhere.  
Today, thanks to General Kovacevic, Serbia has a magnificent ceremony of the promotion of second-lieutenants in front of the House of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia and the impressive final exercise of the students ‘Diplomac’ - Deputy Minister of Defense, Zoran Jeftic, added. 

The Chief of the General Staff of the Army of Serbia, general Miletic said that the Military Academy was always in the function of the Army of Serbia and that it educated staff for its needs. 
- I am convinced that the reform of the military education and the recognition of the Military Academy would enable better officers’ staff and so it will improve the complete system of defense of the Republic of Serbia - general Miletic added. 

General Kovacevic said that by going into pension from the position of the Head of the Military Academy he fulfilled his dream.
- Be a good manager is not an easy job and believe me that everything I did, I did for my pleasure because I had a privilege to work with you, with young  and creative people who, during past years, have brought the Academy on this position where it is now. I consider that my biggest success is that I found the way to use your enormous energy in the best possible way and to direct it towards the true values. I wish general Vuruna to preserve and improve values which we have achieved all together and to reach only the best possible results during his career - general Kovacevic added.
Brigadier General Mladen Vuruna highlighted that it was his honor to take over duty of the Head of the Military Academy, the institution where he spent almost 15 years of his work.
- There are huge tasks in front of us, among which I would like to specially emphasize work on the accreditation of master and PhD program studies of third and fourth level, as well as the work on the formation of the Military University and it would certainly be a great challenge for me and all of us at the Academy.  During my work, I would advocate the strengthening of these two basic levers of military education, the strengthening and maintaining of students platoon commanders and improvement of teaching staff because they represent the core of our work and the quality of our students depends on them. I expect unreserved support from you, because only with joint forces we will succeed to preserve and develop our Military Academy - said new Head of the Military Academy. 
General Vuruna came to the place of the Head of the Military Academy from the Department of Education, where he was the Head from 9th May 2009. He was born in Zemun on 5th July 1963 , he finished the Military High School in Belgrade, he graduated from the Technical Military Academy in Zagreb in 1987, he earned his master’s degree at The Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, The University of Belgrade in 1998, and he got his PhD’s degree at the Military Academy.
His previous working experience was connected to the military education and for the Military Academy where he passed the way from the duties of the platoon commander, a teaching assistant, and a teacher to the Vice Dean of Teaching and after that he became the Head of the Department of Education of the Ministry of Defense. After one year work in the Department of Education, he returns to the Military Academy as its Head. 

Major General Vidosav Kovacevic will certainly stay remembered in the history of the Military Academy as the Head who has given the greatest contribution to its promotion and popularization of the military profession. As the crown achievement of his fruitful work stands the acknowledgement of the Military Academy within the higher educational system of the Republic of Serbia and gaining the accreditation for the degree programs. 
Since April this year, the Military Academy has been accredited within the system of higher education of the Republic of Serbia and degrees which students gain upon their graduation are recognized by every University at home and abroad.
One of the first results of general Kovacevic is merging of the Military and Technical Military Academy, which were physically on two locations: Banjica and Zarkovo, into the one Military Academy, located on Banjica in ‘General Jovan Miskovic’ barracks.
During his work at the Academy, an increasing interest in enrolling for the Military Academy has been noticed, what testifies about popularity of the military profession among the younger population. Naturally, this was supported by two major events initiated by General Kovacevic: the final exercise of the Military Academy students called “DIPLOMAC” on the Pasuljanske meadows and the ceremonious promotion of second-lieutenants in front of the House of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia. The positive impact these events had is testified by the fact that the live TV broadcast of the last year’s promotion was viewed by two million citizens of Serbia.
When one speaks of the work of General Kovacevic, one cannot but mention one of the turning points in the history of military education: the beginning of education of girls at the Military Academy. After more years of research of circumstances  and adaptations on specific conditions of life and work of girls in uniform, the first generation of future women officers were enrolled in 2007. It is one more condition in achieving the highest standards in military education.
With successful work on carrying out Universiade 2009 in Belgrade, General Kovacevic goes into a deserved retirement, leaving behind him an indelible trace in the history of military education. 
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