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Head of the Military Academy’s Secretariat is Colonel Miloljub Sretenovic.

The Secretariat encompasses:

  1. Human Resources Sector,
  2. Operations management Department,
  3. Civil-military Cooperation Section,
  4. Logistics Sector,
  5. Telecommunications and IT Sector,
  6. Teaching and training Sector,
  7. Finance Department,
  8. Military Police Department,
  9. Military Sport Section,
  10. Command Company,
  11. 65. Logistics Battalion and
  12. Centre for librarianship, military-scientific documentation and information.

The Secretariat performs the following activities and tasks:

  • commanding, planning of engagement, realization of tasks, building functional capability;
  • carries out personnel, mobilization and legal function;
  • unites command function for keeping the needed level of operational and functional capabilities and efficacious leadership and commanding;
  • provides functioning of the MA’s  logistics support system;
  • carries out short-term and long-term planning of equipping and purchase, makes a purchase and designs development needs and revenues and expenditure plan;
  • plans, organizes, coordinates and controls systems of telecommunications, information science, information crypto protection, office management, archiving documents and military-postal services at the MA;
  • carries out development, planning of teaching and training system control at the Military Academy, activities from domain of cadets and students’ status and supports the teaching material base;
  • professionally and operationally performs activities and tasks from the fields of civil-military relations, military international cooperation and morale;
  • carries out financial management and control over management and use of means, material management and control over material and financial management and
  • carries out library activities for the needs of the system of defence.

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Military Academy
Pavla Jurišića Šturma 33, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Tel: +381(0)11/3603-247, +381(0)11/3603-331; Fax: +381(0)11/3005-190
E-mail: office@va.mod.gov.rs
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