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The Graduation ceremony for officers of the 57th class command and a staff training was held today in the ceremonial hall of the barracks "Banjica-2" in Belgrade. On this occasion, State Secretary, Ministry of Defence, Dr. Tanja Miscevic presented the diplomas to listeners, and the SAF Chief of General Staff Gen. Miloje Miletic, by order of the President of Serbia Boris Tadic, the officer swords with special inscription for top three graduates of the 57th class Command a staff training.

Gilded sword was given to major Ceda Sarac, as the top student of his class, the silver plated went to Major Slaven Vujic, a sword with the inscription to Major Predrag Stamenkovic.

This one-year training was attended by 55 officers from the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia, and two officers of the armed forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina and one officer each from the armed forces of Montenegro and the United States.

Congratulating the officers of the 57th class, General Miletic said that they are expected to make a full contribution to the further development of the ability of the Serbian Army in meeting its fundamental social role, with a view of achieving the highest standards in the sphere of defense.

- I am sure you all understand the importance of good training you have successfully completed and the title of the command and staff officer that you have acquired. You opened the way for further career advancement, according to your abilities, qualifications and work - General Miletic said, adding that the process of continuous education officers.

Speaking about the importance of training, the chief of general staff said that an officer who works in a modern army, and that always tends to improve with new enthusiasm with which commands the unit, must answer the spirit of the times and open-minded approaches to the study of different areas, from foreign languages ??and information technology.

- I am particularly pleased that in this class we have from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and the United States who will exchange experiences in this joint education, training and exercises, building bridges of mutual trust and genuine cooperation is the way - said the general Miletic, adding that no one system is not big enough, powerful and creative to be able to develop and improve itself, without interaction with other, similar systems.

Educating officers from the armed forces of foreign countries clearly shows that our Military Academy has the capacity to educate all officers of the 21st century and is on the right track to become the leading officer training instituion- said the Chief.

General Miletic also referred to the most important results of the Army of Serbia and the Ministry of Defense made in recent years.

- Strengthening international cooperation particularly in the defense has contributed to hosting the Military Strategic Partner Conference in Belgrade. Serbian Armed Forces proved to be a good host of this conference which when it comes to the number and level of delegations, is the largest military conference in the world. It was a great opportunity to introduce our capabilities and capacity for active contribution to stability in the region and participate in creating a safer world for generations to come. Serbia has thus sent a clear message that it is committed to cooperation with democratic countries from all continents - underscored the General Miletic.

Chief Command training a staff colonel Nikola Guzina said that the level of schooling completed this challenge and imperative for reaching prestigious posts in the military profession. He said that officers, using their knowledge and skills will be loyal to our military, peace, and their families.

On behalf of fellow 57th class command and a staff training, the best in a generation, major Ceda Sarac said that the Serbian Army received a new officer to master new skills that will serve the defense system reform, and designing a modern army.

Generation completed schooling with great success and after that mid-level education in the defense, the officers are trained to command the battalion-level units, divisions, squadrons and brigades Staff duties and other duties in the defense system.

With professors from the Military Academy, students are taught and Defense Minister Dragan Sutanovac, Deputy Prime Minister Ivica Dacic, a former Norwegian diplomat Kai Eide to the UN and representatives of other important institutions in the country and abroad in the field of defense and security
In addition to regular course content, participants of the 57th class, under the Protocol of trilateral cooperation in the field of military education of officers of Ministries of Defence of Great Britain, the Republic of Serbia and the Kingdom of Norway, attended a course in economics and military logistics and stayed on the study tour and historical-comparative analysis of Allied operations in World War II in Italy .

Officers of the Command Staff training, during training, had the opportunity to visit and learn about the organization and operation of most commands and units of the Army of Serbia and part of the organizational units of the Ministry of Defence. When informed of these visits are part of the rich cultural and historical heritage of Serbia.

The ceremony was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Defence and General Staff of the Army of Serbia and representatives of the diplomatic corps, many professors, family and fellow officers.
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