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Military Electronic Engineering

Study program Military Electronic Engineering is designed for the education of the Military Academy cadets for the occupation of Telecommunications Service officers and Technical Service officers, in accordance with the missions and tasks of the Armed Forces of Serbia and for engineers of electrical and computer engineering. With the implementation of this study program, future Telecommunications and Technical Service officers will be able to solve basic technical and technological problems in their initial positions, related to the exploitation and maintenance of military electronic systems and equipment in their service and specialty.

In the first two years of education, general education and theoretical and methodological subjects from social, general military, natural sciences and mathematics and technical and technological sciences prevail, in the third year, a group of subjects from specific technical and technological sciences are taught, while in the fourth year, a group of subjects mostly oriented towards solving practical problems in military electronic engineering are implemented.

Differences in the content of elective subjects allow cadets to get specific knowledge from the four study areas – modules:
  • Telecommunications,
  • Information Systems,
  • Radar Systems and
  • Rocket Systems and Fire Control Systems.
A cadet gains a degree of Electronics and Computer Engineer if in due time fulfills all obligations prescribed by the study program.

In addition to a Diploma, a cadet is also issued with a Diploma Supplement, which means the cadet’s competences for a Telecommunications and Technical Service officer (specialties Radar Systems and Rocket Systems and Fire Control Systems), as well as an engineer of military electronic engineering.
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