Military Aviation

The purpose of the study program Military Aviation is the education of the Military Academy cadets for the occupation of Aviation officers – aircraft pilots or helicopter pilots, as well as traffic engineers.

Undergraduate studies in Military Aviation are performed during four academic years (eight semesters). Total number of ECTS that a cadet must achieve to complete this level of study is 240.

With the implementation of this study program, future Aviation officers – aircraft pilots or helicopter pilots will be able to work in their initial positions: a pilot in aviation or helicopter squad, to perform basic flight tasks and to continue advanced training at the level of tactical aviation units, i.e. aviation squadrons. In addition, the study program provides the necessary competencies to perform the duties of air force engineers.

A cadet gains a degree of Traffic Engineer if in due time fulfills all obligations prescribed by the study program, thereby achieving 240 ECTS. In addition to a Diploma, a cadet is also issued with a Diploma Supplement, which means the cadet’s competences for professional Air Force pilot, as well as an air force engineer.
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