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Defence Logistics

Study program Defence Logistics arises from the needs of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia in the field of education of officers of general services and logistics services for work in the defence system.

The overall goal of these studies is the adoption of academic knowledge and skills and achievement of competencies necessary for performance of initial logistics officer’s duties in the defence system.

Undergraduate studies in Defence Logistics are performed during four academic years (eight semesters). Total number of ECTS that a cadet must achieve to complete this level of study is 240.

The structure of the study program consists of compulsory and elective subjects (in the programs and modules), professional practice, theoretical basis of the final paper and the final paper. The structure of (compulsory and elective) subjects is lectures, exercises and other forms of teaching.

Compulsory subjects include those areas that are essential for understanding the basic theoretical assumptions and knowledge systems which the modern profile of professional logistics officers is based upon, such as the subjects from the Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Social Sciences and Humanities, Defence Sciences, certain areas in Technical and Technological Sciences and Defence Logistics (depending on the particular module).

The structure of undergraduate studies include those areas that are essential to all logistics officers to master basic theoretical knowledge required for successful management in the defence logistics (principles of economics, microeconomics, fundamentals of management, basic organization, basic logistics, basics of the system of quality, military management, principles of protection of resources, financial management, material management, supply of material resources and e-business), as well as areas related to management in each logistic function.

Except compulsory subjects, cadet also chooses a number of elective subjects in the study program, to the extent that is necessary to provide the required number of ECTS credits.

Elective subjects are represented to the extent necessary to provide the required number of ECTS credits. Elective subjects are applied for 30, and at least 10 days prior to entering the semester in which there are elective subjects.

The first two years of training are identical for all cadets, and then they opt for one of the seven elective areas –   modules, namely:
  • Finance,
  • General Logistics,
  • Transport,
  • Supply and
  • Maintenance.
The compulsory and elective subjects are defined based on job profiles and job requirements - duties of certain officers of logistics service in the Armed Forces of Serbia and on the basis of the dominant identified problems that arise in the area of organization and technology of work in logistics.

The subjects of the elective areas – modules are defined based on job profiles and job requirements – duties of officers in certain services of the Armed Forces of Serbia.
A cadet gains a degree of Manager if in due time fulfills all obligations prescribed by the study program, thereby achieving 240 ECTS.

In addition to a Diploma, a cadet is also issued with a Diploma Supplement, which means the cadet’s competences for a professional officer in a particular service of the Armed Forces of Serbia, as well as a manager in the defence logistics.
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