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General Staff Course

General Staff Course is an organizational unit of the National Defence School of the Military Academy, and it represents the third level of post – graduation professional development, designed for officers of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia and the Armed Forces of Serbia, as well as for officers of armed forces of foreign countries. This form of training lasts nine months.

Aim of Course
The general goal of the General Staff Course is to enable officers to perform the highest duties at the Ministry of Defence, General Staff, command operational formations, as well as to carry out operational, staff, teaching and other duties within the framework of the missions and tasks of the Armed Forces.
Course Objectives:
  • The participants will get familiar with:
    • Contemporary systems of collective security and integrations in providing security;
    • Specific features of strategies and military doctrines, organization and use of strategic and operational formations (units) of foreign armed forces;
    • The achieved level of military science development and the impact of scientific and technical – technological progress on the military organization in executing the missions and tasks of the armed forces.
  • The participants will broaden their theoretical knowledge on:
    • Current and potential security risks, challenges and threats in the region and in the Republic of Serbia;
    • The content of doctrinaire and normative documents in the area of security and defence of the Republic of Serbia.
  • The officers will be trained to:
    • Provide solutions to strategic and operational problems, working alone or as a team member and using initiatives and creative approaches;
    • Lead internal units, bodies of the Ministry and military institutions of the Ministry of Defence and departments, branches and sections of the General Staff of the Armed Forces;
    • Make decisions in the process of designing and conducting operations;
    • Apply standards and procedures to enhance interoperability in accordance with the anticipated accession to contemporary security integrations;
    • Plan, organize and manage civilian-military cooperation at the tactical and operational level;
    • Evaluate and report on the state of operational and functional capabilities of the organizational units of the Ministry of Defence and the General Staff, as well as of the units and formations of the Armed Forces at the tactical and operational level;
    • Manage the system of training, control and capability evaluation
  • The officers’ psychological and physical capabilities needed for successful performance of their duty will be maintained and developed.
Enrolment Prerequisites
The conditions for selection and enrolment in the professional development programme (criteria) are to be defined by those responsible for planning. Prospective candidates for admission to the General Staff Course are officers of the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defence who can meet the conditions defined by the criteria.

Members of foreign armed forces are admitted to the course in accordance with the Rule Book of schooling foreigners at military schools and military research and science institutions, and with the agreements that have been reached.

Areas of professional development
  • The area of general training
    • Strategy (140 classes)
  • The area of military professional training:
    • Military strategy (160 classes)
    • Command and leadership (118 classes)
    • Operations (545 classes)
    • Optional areas (60 classes):
      • Strategic defence planning and designing
      • Theoretical aspects of operations, modelling and resolving operational issues
      • Defence logistics

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