Advanced Security and Defence Studies

Advanced Security and Defence studies are a new organizational unit of the National Defence School, where once a year, starting from January 2012, the fourth, highest level of career professional development will be provided for the military officers and civil servants of the Ministry of Defence. High officials of other ministries and agencies of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and other states in the region will also be among the participants in the Advanced Security and Defence Studies. The studies will last 21 weeks.
Aim of Studies

The main goal of the Advanced Security and Defence Studies will be education and preparation of participants from Serbia and the countries of our region for assuming highest duties in the national defence system. The focus will be on enabling the participants to a) analyze the contemporary security environment using a multidisciplinary approach; b) assess long-term political and security trends; c) develop elements of national security policy; and d) cooperate with other national security systems at the regional and global level.
Study Programme

The study programme includes the topics grouped into three modules:
  • First module - Strategic Environment
    • Topic 1 – Democracy and public administration at the beginning of 21st century
    • Topic 2 - Civilians and security system
    • Topic 3 - International relations
    • Topic 4 - Globalization
    • Topic 5 - Geopolitics and geo-economics
  • Second module – Security and Defence
    • Topic 6 – Contemporary security theories
    • Topic 7 - Social conflicts and their settlement
    • Topic 8 - Security challenges, risks and threats in 21st century
    • Topic 9 - Old and new wars
    • Topic 10 - Foreign and security policies of big powers
    • Topic 11 - International organizations and security
    • Topic 12 - Operations (military, civilian, civilian-military) of international organizations.
  • Third module – Managing Security System
    • Topic 13 - Basics of state strategy
    • Topic 14 - Security system architecture
    • Topic 15 - Strategic culture and security system
    • Topic 16 - Strategic management in security system
    • Topic 17 - Strategic leadership in security system
    • Topic 18 – Strategic documents in security system
    • Topic 19 - Managing security system: legislative and legal aspects
    • Topic 20 - Managing security system: economic aspect
    • Topic 21 - Managing security system: financial aspect
    • Topic 22 - Human resource management in security system
    • Topic 23 - Provision of material resources in security system
    • Topic 24 - Scientific and technological development in security system
    • Topic 25 - Mass-media and security system.
The main teaching contents will be presented by the most distinguished professors of the University of Belgrade and the University of Defence. Problem-solving approach will dominate the teaching process in such a way that the identification of possibilities of enhancing security systems and creation of proposals for their operation will be included. One or two day round table conferences are also foreseen, with study participants being joined by teachers and assistant teachers of the universities in Belgrade. In the final stage, a joint exercise will be staged, in which participants’ individual and group abilities will be demonstrated. Individual assignment of a participant will have to do with solving of one of the identified problems in operation of the defence and security system.

Extra – curriculum contents will include lectures by the highest officials of the Republic of Serbia and other countries, local and foreign experts, as well as study trips and visits to local and foreign institutions dealing with the issues of security and defence.
The study trips within Serbia, region and western countries will be harmonized with presentation of the teaching content in terms of time and topics.

Enrolment prerequisites

Conditions for selection and enrolment in the Advanced Security and Defence Studies (criteria) are to be defined by the Human Resources Sector. The candidates for admission to the Advanced Security and Defence Studies are officers of the Armed Forces of Serbia and the Ministry of Defence who meet the conditions defined by the criteria.

Members of foreign armed forces and ministries are admitted to professional development programme of the Advanced Security and Defence Studies in accordance with the Rule Book of schooling foreigners at military schools and military research and science institutions, and with the signed bilateral agreements.

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