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In the ceremonial hall of the Military Academy, the MA today 162 years of existence, and institutions of higher education and military education. The ceremony was attended by Defence Minister Dragan Sutanovac, Chief of General Staff Lt. Gen. Ljubisa Dikovic, Chancellor of the University of Defence Lt. Gen. prof. Dr Miodrag Jevtic, the head of the Military Academy Major General Mladen Vuruna, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Defense, the Army of Serbia, religious communities, cultural and public life.

Addressing the Chief of the Military Academy Major General Mladen Vuruna said that one year in 162 years is nothing, but the Military Academy and military education would not be where they are today, in their rightful place, if each year was not of the same importance, filled with progress and significant achievement.

"Today we can proudly say that the key tasks of one of the most important reforms in the history of Serbian education has been completed. Military education is harmonized with the university system of our country, we founded the University of Defence, where higher ranking officers will be able to get the title of Master of Science. Through high-security studies we introduced the principle of a comprehensive approach to managing the defense and security, and finally established a complete and effective integration of academic education, training, and training. "

Since last year when we marked this day we have made significant progress in all levels of education, said the head of the Military Academy adding that MA was slowly but surely, entering a stage of stabilization, which is as important as the changes themselves.

Congratulating the holiday to all members of the Military Academy, Defense Minister Dragan Sutanovac said that the Military Academy as one of the oldest higher education institution in Serbia today with your accredited degree programs designed for education and training of personnel is able to recognize and understand the contemporary challenges, risks and threats. As such, the minister said, the Military Academy should be one of the pillars of modern society and to apply their knowledge in the interests of the defense system and the citizens of the Republic of Serbia.

- Following these principles, the Military Academy seeks consolidate responsibility, knowledge, military honor and the creative force of the modern soldier in a Serbian officer, firmly relying on our history and military tradition, said Sutanovac. He also added that through the process of modernization and the adoption of the highest standards we can preserve our tradition, society and system.

-The ideal to which we aspire is also a challenge to create an excellent military leader of some military branches and services that will be able to find a motive in themselves and be the driving force behind the progress of the Army, and therefore society as a whole, said the defense minister.

The establishment of the University of Defence functionally unified educational and scientific potential of the Military Academy and the Military Medical Academy, which has raised the quality of our institutions to a higher level.

By organizing and introducing postgraduate defense and security studies we have enabled the members of Ministry of Defense and the Army of Serbia as well as the representatives of other ministries of the Serbian government that perform the highest state and military duties to advance themselves, as the minister remarked.

The Minister emphasized great interest of young people for professional military service and military schools, which is increasing every year, because quality conditions of study, diplomas and promoting good values of the military profession are ever more appealing for young people.

-Today we can say that this year the competition for admission to the Military Academy and the Military Medical Academy, will be even greater in comparison to last year, which was saw record breaking numbers.

- Republic of Serbia has recently received candidate status for EU membership thus making a big step towards joining the European family of nations. The goal is clear. Serbia in the European Union, the standard of the European Union in Serbia, said the Minister stressing that in order for this process to be successfully completed each segment should give maximum contribution as that is in the best interest of the citizens of Serbia.

The Minister pointed out that the contribution made by the defense system is best illustrated by the fact it was the Ministry of Defence that first start accession negotiations with an important institution of the European Union, the European Defence Agency.

-That we are ahead of others can be seen in the fact that an officer of the Army of Serbia, general Djukanovic participated in the work of the EU Military Committee, which was Serbia’s first participation in the official institutions of the EU, said the Minister of Defence.

When it comes to military education, Sutanovac stressed the need to continue active participation in promoting legislation in the field of education and science in the country and the region, through following the standards the European Union has set in its development projects in the field of higher education and research. In particular, he praised the military academy teachers who are already participating in the projects of the European Union.

- We need to enhance interoperability of the Army of Serbia and military education with the European states, because interoperability is not just a saying, but the needs of our military that will allow us to make the best possible way to follow the modern trends of the military and at the same time to build an effective and operationally useful units, explained Minister of Defence at the ceremony marking the Day of the Military Academy.

Sutanovac expressed his belief that the cadets in their future education, scientific and educational work would be the main ones in the education of professional staff required for defense purposes, and that the MA would retain primacy as a regional leader in military thought and practice, and remain one of the most important promoters of the officers' calling.

- In the end I want to address male and female cadets who are celebrating Day of the Military Academy. What makes today the Military Academy is comprised of all those who have worked in this institution over 162 years. A large amount of positive energy, a large amount of effort was invested in developing and promoting the military calls and the Military Academy. Each of you can contribute that the Military Academy is respected in a way it is respected today in Serbia. But only one individual can endanger the reputation. Just one mistake can make the problem for all the others. Therefore, I call on you to be fully aware that being a member of the Military Academy cadet is not only an honor but a great obligation to respect those rules that are imposed not only by us but also as a system of our society, said Minister of Defence.

This year academic master's degree and doctorates were earned by eight members of the Military Academy, which represents a sort of an academic boost to the defense system. New doctors of science are Colonel Dragic Maric, MSc Colonel Miroslav Glisic, and military officers Miodrag Vracar, MSc. Srdjan Zivkovic and MSc. Miodrag Milic, while the title of masters of science was obtained by Lt. Col. Rados Mijatovic and majors Radisa Sakovic and Dejan Nikolic. They Chancellor of defense University General Jevtic presented diplomas to them.

This year, during the ceremony, a remarkable figure in the history of the Military Academy was presented. Among the many who have written the history of military institutions, the work and life of general Dimitrije Djuric can be singled out, an academic and a longtime professor of tactics in the late 19th century. Most of his military career, he worked as a professor in the Artillery School and the Military Academy, whose principal he was on three occasions.

Furthermore, best cadets of the Military Academy in 2011 were also presented The Department of Management was declared the best department of the academy, the best lecturer is Col.. Dr. Ilija Kajtez associate professor, while the best teacher in the Military High School is Milica Mancevic, chemistry teacher. Lieutenant Colonel associate professor. Dr. Milenko Andric, a graduate engineer from the Department of Military Electronic systems, was named best researcher in the past year.

In the School of National Defense in general staff training Lieutenant Vangel Milkovski with an average score 10.0 was named as the most successful attendee, and major Nebojsa Ristovic (9.29) in command staff training.

The best cadet was Goran Pavlovic, from the 134th class-department of military aviation (9.73), and the best cadet for the second consecutive year is Bojana Rakic of the 134th military engineering class (9.24). The top student of the Military High School is Aleksandar Blagojevic, a student of 36th class Military high school (5.00). Awards were presented by Major General Sladjan Djordjevic.

In the program, Chief Military Academy awarded Vuruna thank the Joint Operations Command of the Army of Serbia, Centre for Peacekeeping Operations of Joint Operations Command and the Atlantic Council of Serbia, as well as institutions that worked with this university institution in the last year.

Plaques were given to the Military Academy screenwriter of TV series "Military Academy" Gordan Mihic and director Dejan Zecevic. Due to their absence the plaques will be presented later.

In appreciation of the continued help and support, the Head of the Military Academy Major General Mladen Vuruna presented the MA grand plaque to the Chief of General Staff Lt. Gen. Ljubisa Dikovic. On that occasion, he thanked for the plaque and congratulated the day to all members of the Military Academy.

- Military Academy Day is a holiday of the Serbian Army. We as officers learned as very young to acquire knowledge and skills to perform duties. I had a chance in my career to work at the Military Academy and that period for me was, still is, and will be an honor and a great professional challenge, said General Dikovic telling the cadets to set their goals in line with the capabilities and objectives and try to reach them.

The cultural and art programs of today's ceremony featured the folk music section of the Military Academy along with cultural and artistic society "Lazar Hrebeljanovi?" from Belgrade, as well as cadet Stefan Slovak who played the saxophone. second year cadet of the School of Medicine Medicine Milutin Matic presented himself with a sermon "Manifest to the Serbian youth" presented by the, which in the oratorical competition Speeches in Zoran's honor'' took second place.

And awarding ceremony was honored by the choir of students of the Military Academy.

The Military Academy is an educational and scientific institutions of the University of Defence offering higher education at all levels of education and training. The long tradition of military education in Serbia is closely associated with the process of creating the modern Serbian state. On 18th March 1850 Prince Aleksandar signed a decree establishing the Artillery School in Belgrade, which still keeps the tradition of the Military Academy.

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