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Expert conference "Distance learning in Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces."

In the annex hall of the Topcider Guard today began the second conference "Distance learning in the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces."

The meeting was attended by the chancellor of the University of Defence Lt. Gen. Miodrag Jevtic MD, head of the Military Academy Maj.Gen. Mladen Vuruna, head of the School of National Defense Mile Jelic, Chief of the Strategic Planning Department Major General Bozidar Forca, representatives and members of the Norwegian defense system.

Rector of the University of Defence General Jevtic presented the development and the present status of the university in the defense system, its current position in the education system, and pointed out that today it is most profitable to invest in education. Also, the chancellor noted that the Military Academy, as well as higher-education unit of the University of Defence, with the help of partners from Norway formed the Center for Simulation and Learning.

Certain areas that do not require practical work can be organized as courses, which are implemented via the Internet. Students follow courses in the workplace or at home without leaving work. Training costs of education are significantly reduced. It can be significantly more educated participants, and all have equal opportunities in education. Then, you need a small number of teachers, and this is very important because it is more accessible to the student teacher, said the rector.

Head of the Center for Simulation and Learning Col. Goran Simic, welcoming the participants at this scientific meeting, pointed out that there have been more than 70 participants from all organizational units of the defense system. He particularly welcomed the guests from Norway, collaborators on a joint project, without whose support it would have been difficult to have achieved the results in such a short period of time.

The occasion for organizing the conference is to inform the bearers of the planning and implementation of training and education in the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Army with the results of the project of distance learning and plans for implementation in order to improve the process of professional development and training of members of the defense system in life.

The aim of the project is introduction of distance learning into the educational process of the modernization of the defense system of military education through the application of advanced, primarily information technologies and enabling distance learning as a contemporary system of class lectures.
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