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"Diplomac 2013"

At the mixed shooting ground "Pasuljanske livade" near Curpija the final year cadets of the 134th class of the Military Academy have successfully developed a tactical exercise with live firing "Graduate 2013".

The exercise was to train cadets for planning, organization and execution of tactical exercises, as well as those with live firing, while also checking the level of training of cadets for first officer duties. One the main objectives targets was implementation of safety and protection measures during the course of the exercise.

The testing of both male and female cadets was attended by Assistant Minister for Human Resources Jovan Mijakovic, head of the Military Academy Major General Mladen Vuruna other guests, while the active support to the realization of "Graduate 2013" was provided by the Land Forces Command, Training Command and Signal Brigade.

According to Colonel Dejan Randjelovic, head of the exercise, "Graduate 2013" is somewhat different from the previous ones in scope and content  The first part was dedicated to maintaining communications links of the telecommunication center, then future platoon commanders of the platoon and gunners demonstrated preparation for the march and battle, and this operating point included the presentation of procedures of infantry mechanized department for combat vehicles upon receiving the command.

The pinnacle of "Graduate 2013" was the realization of tactical live firing exercises entitled "Strengthened firing squad in defense" and "Tank platoon reinforced with mechanized department in the attack on the move." The scenario envisioned enemy attack of a mechanized battalion, which aimed at penetrating the area of Pasuljanske livade in an attack on the move and to ensure further progress.

One of the focal points of the exercise were directly monitoring communication between commanders of platoons and departments. During activity, the synergy of infantry and armored units to neutralize the enemy was demonstrated.

Congratulating the cadets on behalf of the Defence Minister Aleksandar Vucic and his own for successfully performed activity, Assistant Minister of Human Resources Jovan Mijakoviv wished them the knowledge and skills they have acquired and showed today never use in war.

Head of the Military Academy Major General Mladen Vuruna told the cadets that today's exercise is a culmination of their education at the Military Academy and practical examination of the future of Serbian Army officers.

- Serious tasks lie ahead, in as little as two months you will assume your posts in the units of our Armed Forces and today was the last time you performed a joint exercise in addition to your commanders, instructors and teachers. From tomorrow you will have to take full responsibility for all activities that you will perform, said the head of the Military Academy and explained that it means executing assigned tasks, while guarding people and entrusted technological equipment.

The cadets of the final year at Military Academy’s study programs, after today's exercise, are to pass their final exams and thesis, and on 14 September, in front of the Serbian Parliament, they will be officially promoted to the rank of second lieutenant in SAF.

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