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The Welcome Address of the Head of the Military Academy

The Respected,

You are on the official presentation of the Military Academy of The Republic of Serbia.

The Military Academy has stood as a proof of the Serbian state’s strength for 161 years and expressed the wish of the Serbian people to have its military education as strategic component in the process of formation and education of its officers.

As one of the oldest pillars of education in Serbia, The Military Academy has managed, with constant reforms and adjustments of the educational programs, to withstand all challenges. Today, it fully satisfies the world’s highest standards in educating of the officer corps, and with recognized educational programs, it stands equally with all other recognized universities both in the country and in the world.

The first step in the complex process of creation of officer’s staff was made in 1833 by The Prince Milos Obrenovic, when he sent thirty (ten officers from every class) young chosen Serbs to study for officers there. Four years later, by the end of 1837, the school which lasts three years was decided to be opened in Serbia and 32 young men were enrolled for it.

When in 1848 in Belgrade, ‘Topolivnica’ was founded, the significance of the educated military staff and necessity of reestablishment of the school for officers were emphasized more and more. Soon after that, Prince Aleksandar Karadjordjevic on 6th March 1850 (according to the Julian calendar, and on 18th March according to the Gregorian calendar) gave permission for forming Artillery school, by the Act on the Formation of the Artillery School (Act Ustroyeniya Artileriyske Shkole).

This Act represents the establishment of military education in our country and, for that reason, The Armed Forces of Serbia celebrate 18th March as The Military Academy Day. This is the first and only military degree-granting educational institution in Serbia called The Military Academy (Voena akademija) among the Serbian people from the very beginning.

Today, after 161 years of successful application and realization of The Military Education, The Military Academy, in the scope of the defense system’s reforms of our country, is completely integrated into the higher education system of The Republic of Serbia, and has accredited curriculums in graduate and post-graduate studies. The Military Academy is an educational establishment in which all levels of education and specialization. The Military Academy contains a Military High School which conducts the education according to the secondary education program. The School of National Defense, which is also a part of The Military Academy, contains all levels of officers’ specialization, according to the career development. Classrooms completely equipped with modern educational means and military appliances, a sports center with a swimming pool, a stadium with a running tracks, modern classrooms for foreign language learning, and other facilities of The Military Academy provide a good basis for realizing of lectures. With a quality staff of highly experienced lecturers, trained for education both indoors and outdoors, The Military Academy has a tendency to grow into a regional center for education of the military staff.

Regarding our close future, we plan to constantly follow and study the experiences of the military education of the countries in the region, the states members of The Partnership for Peace and members of NATO, as well as the preserving of all past values acquired in long and great tradition of military education in Serbia.

By modification and constant updating of curriculums and introduction of numerous new contents in educational process, we train future officers for all three missions of our Army, which consist of: the defense of the homeland, taking part in the peace-operations and the help to the civilian population in the case of natural disasters and catastrophes. In a word, they are taught both at the art of warring and the art of negotiating.

Only in the encounter of great tradition and contemporary education requests, The Military Academy will be recognizable brand at home and abroad.

Major General

Mladen Vuruna, PhD

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