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“Open Doors” for admission to military schools

From 15th February to 31st March 2019, competitions have been opened for the Secondary Military Vocational School, the Military Academy and the Medical Faculty of the Military Medical Academy. The competition for admission of students to the Military High School was opened on 1st February and lasts until 15th March 2019.
Withn the “Open Doors” campaign, from 23rd February 2019, every Saturday (23.02, 02.03, 09.03, 16.03, 23.03, 30.03.) from 10 am to 1 pm, all interested candidates for enrollment at the Military Academy may come to visit the Military Academy, 33, General Pavle Jurisic Sturm Street. During the visit to the Military Academy, the candidates will have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the conditions of life and work at the Military Academy, visit cadet boarding facilities, classrooms and sports facilities.
In the Military High School as well, as long as the competition for enrollment lasts, the interested candidates can come every Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm to the boarding school of the Military High School in Belgrade, 22 Humska Street, where they will be introduced to the terms and conditions of the competition, life and work, boarding school and other facilities of this school.
During their stay at the Military Academy and at the Military High School, candidates for enrollment will have the opportunity to talk with professors, commanding officers, cadets and students about everything they are interested in about schooling.
This year, the Military Academy is to admit 183 cadets, and the Medical Faculty of the Military Medical Academy 25 cadets. There will be 65 boys and girls enrolled in the Secondary Military Vocational School, and 90 students of both sexes will be enrolled in the Military High School.
Being a soldier in the ranks for the homeland has always been an honour. That is why the challenging and responsible calling of officers and non-commissioned officers of the Serbian Armed Forces is a permanent motivation that attracts young people, because the honourable duty of defending their state and their people was and remains the pride of each of its members.
The main reasons for the traditionally great interest of young people in enrollment on military schools are the top-level education and excellent conditions of schooling, free accommodation and meals in the boarding schools, complete teaching literature and the use of modern capacities for extracurricular activities.
Upon completion of military schools, participants receive a secure job with the possibility of continuous professional and career development.
Those who wish to apply for admission to military schools need to submit an application on time with necessary documentation in the centers of the Ministry of Defence on the territory of the permanent place of residence, in the period when the competitions are open, and to prepare themselves the best they can for the entrance examination.
The open competitions for admission to military schools have been published in ODBRANA magazine since 1st February 2019 and on the website of the Ministry of Defence - www.mod.gov.rs, where all the information about the terms and conditions of the competition and the necessary documentation can be found.


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