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Home / PUBLIC RELATIONS / Current Events / Lecture by the President of the Olympic Committee of Serbia at the Military Academy

Lecture by the President of the Olympic Committee of Serbia at the Military Academy

President of the Olympic Committee of Serbia  gave a lecture today at the barracks “General Jovan Mišković” about the role and importance of sport for building up and training character of cadets of the Military Academy and a part of members of that high educational institution.

Miljković expressed his desire that the Olympism should be closer to the military and pointed to necessity of practicing sports, highlighting iron discipline as the golden key of success in sports. Attenders of the lecture had an opportunity to hear important information about the role of the Olympic Committee of Serbia at the world scene, and about the long tradition cherished by the Committee since 1910, when it had been founded as the Serbian Olympic Club, by its founder General Svetomir Đukić.

Answering cadets’ questions, Božidar Maljković, as supreme basketball coach who had worked in seven countries with diverse cultures and customs, and who had received numerous sport recognitions, tried to share a segment of his rich experience.

The lecture was also attended by Chief of Private Office of the Minister of Defence and Head of Delegation of the Republic of Serbia to CISM, Brigadier General Siniša Radović and the Head of Military Academy Major General Bojan Zrnić Prof, who at the end of the lecture thanked the great persona of our basketball for his visit.

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