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Home / News / The "Olympic Day" was marked at the Military Academy sports grounds

The "Olympic Day" was marked at the Military Academy sports grounds

Minister of Defense,Aleksandar Vulin and Minister of Youth and Sports,Vanja Udovičić attended today’s sports event “Olympic Day”, which is being organized for the first time at the sports terrains of the Military Academy at the“General Jovan MIšković” barracks.

The “Olympic Day” was also attended by the Rector of the University of Defense, Lieutenant-General Goran Radovanović, the Commandant of the Military Academy, Major General Bojan Zrnić, and the Chief of the Military Cabinet of the President of the Republic of Serbia, and the Head of the delegation of Serbia to the International Military SportsCouncil (CISM), Brigadier General SinišaRadović.

According to Minister Vulin, the Ministry of Defense and the Serbian Armed Forces are extremely proud to be cooperating with the Olympic Committee of Serbia and the Ministry of Youth and Sports and that together they can promote those traditional values ​​that make up the Serbian Armed Forces – healthylife and sporting values.

  - The Serbian Armed Forces pays tremendous attention to the development of sports, not only in its ranks, but also in the whole society. Only a healthy nation is a nation that is able to defend itself, to take care of itself, to fight for the ideal of freedom, the ideal which is at the core of existence for the Serbian people. In the coming period, after many decades, the Serbian Armed Forces will line up its first Sport Unit, a unit including our most prominent professionals in sports which are important for the Serbian Armed Forces, and who, in addition to their professional career, will be able to defend not only the colors of our country, but also the colors of the Serbian Armed Forces, said the Minister of Defense and added that the Serbian Armed Forceswere here for traditional, real values, “for what has made us worthy”.

Minister Udovičićsaid that today’s event“sends a clear message of team spirit and team work”.

  - I want to thank the Ministry of Defense for participating in such a grand and significant day for the sports system, primarily when it comes to the promotion of healthy lifestyles. I am glad everyone could see how much sportsare represented in the armed forces and that they have demonstrated their skills, and I am also glad that they were able to socialize with the citizens and motivate them to enter the sports system, said Minister Udovičić.

President of the Olympic Committee of Serbia,BožidarMaljković communicated to one and all, especially the youngest ones, that this is their holiday, and that everyone will be pleased if at least two percent of the people are motivated today to engage in sports in the future.



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