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Minister of Defense visited cadets of the Military Academy and the future Reserve Officers currently in training

- The peaceful policy led by President Aleksandar Vučić must be supported by a strong and powerful armed force. A trained, mighty, ready armed force to always react and always protect the Serbs wherever they may live, is the best guarantor and best support for the peaceful policy - said Minister of Defense Aleksandar Vulin, who visited male and female cadets of the third and fourth years of the Military Academy of theInfantry, Artillery and Armored units services and the future Reserve Officersof Infantry of the “March 2019”generation currently in training, who, within the framework of the multiple-day camping, are training at the military training grounds of “Pasuljanske livade”.

Minister Vulin emphasized that the Serbian Armed Forcesare paying special attention to the training of its officer personnel.

- Our future officers will in a few months take responsibility for the destiny, the lives of soldiers who will be entrusted to them, but also for the freedom and security of our entire country, said the Minister of Defense.

  Colonel Ivan Orbović, the Commander of the Cadet Brigade, explained that the training of cadets of the final years of the Military Academy entails a special form of instruction aimed at training them for the initial duties of the Platoon Commander in the units of the Serbian Armed Forces.

  - Today, atPasuljanskelivade, firing from armored units and infantry weapons was carried out. On this occasion, we are training cadets for these initial duties and for the duties they would be training their subordinates in the future, within their units. In order to do this successfully, they must first pass all the elements, and then to successfully implement the training. In this first part, they are staying atPasuljanskelivade for ten days, which is followed by a short break, and then spending two more weeks herein order to perform tactical exercises with live firing, said Colonel Orbović.

Infantry cadet Marko Jovanovićemphasized that training is demanding, but also challenging because certain types of firing are being performed for the first time in the course of their education.

  According to Infantry cadet MiljanaVukašinović, the training is significant because they acquire new knowledge and because everything that they have learned in theory is being practically checked.

Today’s training of cadets of 140 and 141 class of the Military Academy and Reserve Officer candidates were also visited by the Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces,Major General PetarCvetković, Rector of the University of Defense, Lieutenant General Goran Radovanović, and the Commandant of the Military Academy, Major General Bojan Zrnić.

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