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Home / PUBLIC RELATIONS / Current Events / Minister Vulin: Motivated and trained cadets are the guarantor of a strong army in the future

Minister Vulin: Motivated and trained cadets are the guarantor of a strong army in the future

- The youngest military personnel, cadets of the 144th class, show that they are motivated, ready, willing to learn and work, and that they have chosen the calling of future officers by their will and because they want to be that – defence minister Aleksandar Vulin said today after inspecting the training of the cadets of the 144th class of the Military Academy at the 1st Training Centre in Sombor-based “Airport” barracks.

Minister Vulin pointed out that, compared to the last year, 30 percent more cadets enrolled, and, he added, it is interesting that 50 percent of them, more than in the previous class, came from civilian structures. This means, the minister of defence added, that confidence in the Serbian Armed Forces is being restored and promoted and that the officer's calling will be as prestigious as it once was.

 - These children guarantee that in the future the Serbian Armed Forces will be able to fulfil all its obligations and that in the future it will be able to preserve the freedom of our country and preserve our way of life. For them, the best possible conditions are provided and the quality of their lives while they are cadets, while they are at school, will be in line with the quality of life of their colleagues in the most developed armies of the world. And when they finish their schooling, when they take up officer duties, they will join the army that will be materially far more powerful than it is today, which will be equipped and safe, but above all, which always preserves the peace and security of our country – the minister of defence stressed.
As Colonel Ivan Orbović, commander of the Military Academy Cadet Brigade, pointed out, after the selection process, the Military Academy admitted the youngest 144th class of cadets, who began training and were introduced to “military life” at the Training Command centres in mid-August.
- At this location, 120 cadets carry out basic training aimed at creating a motivated and trained and disciplined cadet, capable of enduring in combat operations, surviving combat and performing tactical tasks at the same time. Here, through several subjects, including tactical training, military drill, armament with firing, morale, physical training and the rules of service, cadets will have the opportunity to learn the basics of soldier work, order and discipline, and the basics of life and work in units of the Armed Forces and to acquire their first and basic knowledge that every member of the Armed Forces must have. There are 120 cadets here, and the rest of the class conducts training at the Second Training Centre in Valjevo – Colonel Orbović said.
With the cadets in the Sombor-based training centre, there is the commander of the 3rd Platoon of the 144th Class of the Military Academy, Lieutenant Miodrag Živkov, conducting preparations for carrying out preparatory shooting from the automatic rifle.
- Cadets are now in the basic training period mastering the necessary contents of that training period. As their commander, I am very pleased with their motivation, efforts and dedication and every day it goes better and better – Lieutenant Živkov said.

Speaking about his impressions during the first months at the Military Academy in training, cadet Veljko Milićević of Niš emphasised that he was pleased, adding that the training fulfilled its goal, for cadets to see how it is “with ordinary soldiers before we become officers”.
- It is hard, but morale is high, and we have the will to do everything – cadet Milićević points out.
Cadet Jovana Jovanović from Kruševac is going through basic training in Sombor these days, which she says is very interesting, because she has the opportunity with her classmates to get acquainted with the armaments.
- It is a bit hard, but we all have a lot of willpower, and this military collective is trying to overcome all these obstacles and difficulties as successfully as possible – emphasises cadet Jovanović, adding that the day spent on training goes faster than those at the desks.
Minister Vulin began his visit to the First Training Centre in Sombor with briefing from the Deputy Commander of the 1st Training Centre, Lieutenant Colonel Radovan Miladinović, after which he inspected physical training, practising drill operations and preparations for shooting.


 Today's visit has also been attended by deputy chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces Major General Petar Cvetković, commandant of the Military Academy, Major General Bojan Zrnić, PhD, head of the Personal Office of the Minister of Defence, Brigadier General Siniša Kresović, and chief of staff of the Training Command, Colonel Nikola Dejanović.


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