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Diplomas awarded to cadets and students of the Military Academy

The Commandant of the Military Academy, Major General Bojan Zrnić, presented diplomas today to the cadets of 139thand 140thclasses, students of Master Academic Studies and self-financing students of the Military Academy.

The ceremony was attended by State Secretary at the Ministry of Defense, Aleksandar Živković, members of the Collegiums of the Minister of Defense and the Collegiums of the Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Goran Radovanović, Rector of the University of Defense, and numerous guests, families and friends of the cadets.








State Secretary Aleksandar Živkovićgreeted the congregation on behalf of the Minister of Defense, Aleksandar Vulin, and congratulated all those who had successfully completed their education, especially those who received awards for the best results.




- When you enrolled in the Military Academy, you decided, among other things, to stand in the military line of those who will defend our people, our citizens and our homeland from all forms of threats. You have also confirmed your commitment by taking an oath. The cadets of 139thand 140thclasses would headthe officer’s path tomorrow – saidState Secretary Živković, wishing them good health, personal happiness, success in accomplishing all their tasks along the way and above all remaining faithful to their oaths.

132 cadets from the Republic of Serbia and three cadets from the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina have completed Integrated and UndergraduateAcademic Studies attending 139thand 140thclasses. 19 master students have completed six different Master’s Degree programs.

The education was implemented in eight accredited study programs, i.e. 15 different Modules within the study programs. In 139thclass, the average grade is excellent (8.61) and the average grade in 140thclass is very good (8.13).

Traditionally, awards were presented to cadets who achieved the best resoults in their respective Study programs.

Rector of the University of Defense, Lieutenant General Goran Radovanović presented awards to cadets Stefan Rašović (9.57) from the Management in Defense study program, Žarko Žarković (8.90) from the Air Force study program, Aleksandar Ilić (9.00) from the study program of Military Electronical Engineering,
Aleksandar Lukić (9.12) from the study program of Logistics of Defense, Jovana Dobrijević (8.96) from the study program of Air Defense, Stefan Milićević (9.88) from the study program of Military Mechanical Engineering, Kosana Koprivica (9.12) from the study program of Atomic-Biological-Chemical Defense and Miloš Basarić (9.60) from the study program of Military-Geodetic Engineering.

 Out of the members of the foreign Armed Forces, the best success was achieved by cadet Milan Gengo (8.98) from the study program of Management in Defense. The best self-financing student is Aleksa Ljubisavljević (9.60) from the Public Finance study program.

The Commander of the Air Force and Air Defense, Major General Duško Žarkovićawarded the flyers badge to the cadets of 139th class of Air Force, Dragan Grebić, Žarko Žarković, Lazar Svjetlica and Vladimir Stanković.

The awards were also presented to the cadets who produced the best final work in educational and scientific fields. The work of Nikola Živkovićof the Infantry Module of the study program Management in Defense, was proclaimed the best work in the social sciences, and the best work in the field of technical-technological and natural-mathematical sciences was that of the cadet Stefan Milićevićof the Module of Motor Vehicles of the study program Military Mechanical Engineering. The awards were presented by Colonel Dragan Trifković, PhD.

The award of the “Lieutenant Borko Nikitović” Fund, presented by the mother of the killedYNA Lieutenant, Zora Nikitović went to the best Infantry cadet, Marko Crnogorac (average mark 9.22).





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