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Home / News / Most beautiful girls in Serbia visited the Military Academy

Most beautiful girls in Serbia visited the Military Academy

Representatives of the “Miss Yu” Company, six of Serbia’s most beautiful girls, visited the Military Academy today and met the male and female cadets.Our beauties visited the Pistol shooting range, where they tried out shooting simulations and weapon handling, as well as the Sports Center, where they were introduced to the sports facilities and conditions for members of the Serbian Armed Forces, and then the cadets showed them the Cadet Brigade and its accommodation facilities.

Current Miss Serbia, Andrijana Savić stressed that she was fascinated by the “order, work and discipline” she witnessed at the Military Academy today, and that while speaking with the cadets she realized how much they wanted to become part of the Serbian Armed Forces.

- Everyone is working hard, they are serious but also very satisfied. Our country need not worry, as there are those who will guard us, Miss Serbia for 2019 pointed out, adding that “Miss Yu” is also based on discipline and responsibility.

Miss Eco Serbia 2019, Anastasia Murić mentioned that she wanted to enroll in the Military Academy, and that after today’s visit, she was extremely sorry she did not do this.

- From a young age I had the desire to enroll in a military school and it would be a great honor for me to become part of the Serbian Armed Forces. I talked to the cadets today about the living and studying conditions, though I am already quite informed about that. Although I enrolled in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, it may not be too late for the Military Academy, Miss Eco Serbia concluded.

In addition to her, the first runner-up to Miss Intercontinental Serbia, Ivana Bogdanovska has also considered military education. Namely, her great desire was to enroll in the Military High School.                                   - I was very happy to learn that we would visit the Military Academy today. As I was looking and listening about all that the military education has to offer, I thought about why I had not enrolled in the Military High School, but also why not enroll in the Military Academy after I finish high school. Everything is really great here, said the first runner-up to Miss Intercontinental Serbia.

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