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Home / News / Second Concert of Military Academy Cadets at the Republic Square

Second Concert of Military Academy Cadets at the Republic Square

This evening, in the framework of the city event “Belgrade Winter”, members of music club of the Military Academy performed at the Republic Square. It was their second concert at this event in the course of one month.

The citizens of Belgrade enjoyed in popular pop, rock and the numbers of authentic folk music performed by the members of the band.

 Major Nebojša Kljajić from the Military Academy points out that the music club presented just a small portion of talents that the cadets of the Military Academy and Medical Faculty of the Military Medical Academy possess and which they can cherish and develop.
- The Military Academy provides supreme education and opportunities for permanent advancement and professional development. We are particularly proud, because this year the Military Academy celebrates the jubilee of 170 years of existence and work. Each day, the cadets confirm how hardworking and responsible they are and how dedicated they are to their goal of becoming honourable and capable officers of the Serbian Armed Forces - says Major Kljajić.

Cadet of the 141st Class of the Military Academy David Novaković has been a member of the music club for a year now. He stresses that the music club, and many others in the fields of science, culture and sport, enable cadets to complement their time, and advance themselves and do things that they find fulfilling.
 - I have successfully frequented the club notwithstanding numerous activities that I have as a cadet, which refer to my education and advancement, so that four years later I can become a competent officer of the Serbian Armed Forces. The process of education at the Military Academy offers great opportunities for gaining new knowledge and skills, and all of that is supported by the state-of-the-art conditions in which we live and work – cadet Novaković stated.
A competition for enrolment on military schools is going to be opened from 1st February to 15th March, and on that occasion, Major Nebojša Kljajić and cadet David Novaković invited interested candidates to apply and stand shoulder to shoulder with present cadets and pupils.
Citizens of Belgrade had an opportunity to be informed on the terms and conditions of the competition and enrolment through conversation with cadets of the Military Academy and pupils of the Military Grammar School, and via promotional material that was handed to them.

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