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Competition for enrollment in military schools open until 15 March

Competitions for admission of candidates to the Military Academy, the Faculty of Medicine of the Military Medical Academy, the Military High School and the Military Vocational School are open until March 15 this year.

The Commandant of the Military Academy, Major General Bojan Zrnić, visited the cadets of the second year of the 143rd class of the Military Academy training in winter conditions, which is performed at the 51st Kopaonik Ski Area, and stated that he was satisfied with the interest so far shown for enrollment in the military schools.

 - At Kopaonik, at the center for training in winter conditions, we conduct training in tactical operations in winter conditions with cadets of the second year. After many years of pause, we have innovated content for biathlon and Nordic running, and next year we will be further innovating the training content with touring skis. We want to make the training as realistic as possible to resemble the actual performance in winter conditions and make it attractive to our cadets, given that this is their exclusive right, and that they cannot receive this type of training anywhere else – emphasized General Zrnić.

The Commandant of the Military Academy recalls that this year the Military Academy will enroll 177 cadets from the civilian structures and says that it is a school for the selected and for all those who place honor, knowledge and Serbia among the high-ranking priorities.

The Faculty of Medicine of the Military Medical Academy will enroll 25 cadets in medical studies, the Military High School will enroll 105 boys and girls in the first grade, 15 students in the second grade and 10 students in the third grade. At the Military Vocational School, 50 students of both sexes from citizenship will be admitted.

 This year, there is a huge interest in admission to military schools. The main reasons for the traditionally big interest of young people in military schools are top education and excellent conditions of schooling, free boarding including both accommodation and meals, complete teaching literature and use of modern facilities for sports and many other extracurricular activities.

 All cadets and students have the opportunity to participate in numerous scientific, cultural and sports sections and competitions, use of the latest sports facilities (shooting, athletic halls, indoor pool, gym, fitness center, football field, basketball and volleyball, gymnastics and martial arts halls) and numerous other benefits provided by military schools.

 Upon graduation from military schools, students are provided a secure job in an environment that enables successful professional development and ongoing professional and career development.

In the “Open-Doors” event, students and parents can visit military schools every Saturday for the duration of the competition between 11:00 and 13:00 hours. By talking to the teachers, cadets and students, they will be provided with all the information they need, and will be able to visit the accommodation, classrooms and laboratories where the classes take place.

The conditions of the competition for admission to military schools are available in the “Odbrana” (“Defense”) magazine and on the websites of the respective military schools and the Ministry of Defense.

Link: http://www.mod.gov.rs/cir/13584/konkursi-za-upis-u-vojne-skole-13584


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