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Home / News / Minister Vulin with MA cadets who won medals in Moscow: Military schools provide top sport results

Minister Vulin with MA cadets who won medals in Moscow: Military schools provide top sport results

Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin has talked today with Military Academy cadets and commanding officers who participated in the Second Bilateral Cadet Athletic Meeting recently held at the Central Sports Club of the Army (CSKA) in Moscow.


After talking with the cadets at the Military Academy Athletic Hall, Minister Vulin pointed out that wherever they compete, our cadets compete for the Serbian Armed Forces and represent the Serbian Armed Forces and the state of Serbia.

 - Many of them have won first, second and third places in competition with one of the most numerous and most capable armies in the world – the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. But what is more important to us is that almost all of them broke their personal records, which means that they did their best – Minister Vulin emphasised.
 According to him, those who tie their fate to the Serbian Armed Forces, those who choose to study at the Military Academy and the Military High School, will be able to play sports and compete with their peers from all over the world, go to the cadet championships and world military championships as well as to meet the best professional athletes in the world and learn from them.
- Being part of the Serbian Armed Forces does not mean just being a member of this or that unit, it means playing sports, it means representing one’s own country. These children are the most beautiful and the best we can offer the world – Minister Vulin said.


The delegation of the Military Academy at the competition in Moscow was led by Colonel Slađan Veljković, Head of the Center for Physical Education and Sports, who, speaking about the importance of that competition, pointed out that it has been for the second year in a row that the cadets of the Military Academy participated in an athletic meeting with cadets from the Russian Federation. He added that while friendship and duty were the primary goal of this athletic competition, our cadets achieved significant results.

 - The most successful competitor in our team is cadet Ognjen Zlatić who won the 200m gold medal and the a 60m bronze medal.. Particular success of our competitors is the breaking of eight personal records. This competition will also serve as a good introduction and good preparation for the most important sporting event that awaits us this year, which is the participation of the Military Academy at the Third World Cadet Military Games at St. Petersburg in August - Colonel Veljković said, announcing that at that competition cadets are going to test their strengths with colleagues in four disciplines – military pentathlon, archery, swimming and athletics.
 The most successful cadet of the Military Academy at the competition in Moscow returned to Belgrade with two medals. Cadet Ognjen Zlatić, senior at the Military Academy, points out that the result he achieved is very significant, but what is most important for him is experience he gained participating in this competition.
- The experience is extremely positive and we have seen how other armies work and we had the opportunity to see where we are and that we are not very far from cadets from the Russian Federation. We are all also happy that we had the opportunity to see Moscow – cadet Zlatić said.


Cadet Majda Kozoder, a senior of the Military Academy, also brought a medal, as well as good experiences from Moscow, winning a 400 m bronze medal.

 - I am very pleased with the competition, but also that I have achieved a personal record. Speaking about competition, everything was organised at the highest level, both the competition part and the medal-awarding ceremony - cadet Majda Kozoder emphasises, expressing special gratitude to the Ministry of Defence for the opportunity to participate in such competition and see the capital of the Russian Federation.
For the results achieved, the minister of defence awarded the cadets who participated in the competition in Moscow a seven-day stay in the facilities of the Tara Military Establishment.


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