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Home / News / Military athletes bring medicines to military retirees

Military athletes bring medicines to military retirees

Members of the Military Academy Sports Unit are known for their success in the world of sports, but also for the bravery with which they defend the colours of our flag in competitions around the world. Our military athletes, a decathlon competitor Mihail Dudaš, and a karate athlete Jovana Preković showed their humane trait today by bringing the military retirees in New Belgrade the medicines they needed.

Two young athletes, who first got prescription medicines at the New Belgrade Military Medical Centre, took them to the addresses of four military retirees’ families, who expressed their gratitude for the noble gesture of our military athletes.

Jovana and Mihail started today's visits to the elderly fellow citizens who are banned from going outside during a state of emergency, at the address in Milutin Milanković Boulevard, where they handed over medicines to retired Major General Simeon Tumanov.

- Well done. I support what the military is doing and all that it has done for the benefit of all of us - said General Tumanov, who, as a former military athlete talked to these two young people about sports and thanked them for their kind gesture.

The karate athlete Jovana and the decathlon competitor Mihail started a visit to retired Colonel Izet Jahić in Nehruova Street by asking him: “How are you?” They also brought him medicines that he was not able to get himself. He expressed his gratitude adding that he is in good health and that he respects the prescribed measures.

The military athletes were also warmly welcomed by retired Sergeant Major First Class Branko Karać, who accepted the medicines that Jovana and Mihail brought to him today at the door of his flat on Oton Župančič Street in New Belgrade. Sergeant Major Karać says he is 74 years old and follows the advice and recommendations of experts, and at the end of the visit, he wished good health and much success to our military athletes.

Since there were no prescription drugs for retired Colonel Milorad Marković at the New Belgrade Military Medical Centre, Mihail and Jovana stopped by his address at Luja Adamiča Street to get his health card and went to the nearest chemist’s to look for the medicines there. Thanking them for what the young athletes did for him today, retired Colonel Marković said that he is feeling well, but that he misses going for walks these days, which he used to do daily.

Speaking about today's humane gesture, the decathlon competitor Mihail Dudaš stressed that, given that our elderly fellow citizens are banned from going out, he is aware of the situation they are in, so this is a way to reduce their anxiety.

- We, the athletes, are not able to do our job right now, so in order to help, we responded to the call of the Serbian Armed Forces because we wanted to help our fellow citizens who are in need of assistance - said Mihail Dudaš, happy that their gesture really pleased the military retirees.

The karate athlete Jovana Preković, the world karate champion, emphasized that today they were able to help the oldest fellow citizens and take them the medicines they needed.

- We went to four military retiree’s addresses, talked to them, and asked them how they were. We tried to fulfil their day, today at least, Jovana Preković said, adding that she was pleased to be able to make such a gesture for those who need help.

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