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The employee of The Military Academy, a senior sergeant Goran Čegar, is the best team’s representative of The Army of Serbia which took part in The 41st World Military Marathon Championship.

The Championship was held in the Italian town Kapri, in the period from 10th to 13th October 2008, and athletes from 25 states took part in this event. Besides Čegar, our three-member team was also represented by a captain Aleksandar Neševski and a senior sergeant of the first class Joviša Marković, and they took 63rd and 68th place respectively.

The winner of The Championship was a Polish athlete, Adam Dračenski – his time was 2:12:21, while Čegar passed the running track, long 42,195m for 2 hours, 43 minutes and 20 seconds and took 15th place in the overall placing. The Polish took the first place in the team placing too.

We remind you that a senior sergeant Goran Čegar also took part, with the team of The Army of Serbia, in the 24th World Mountain Running Trophy which was held in Kran Montani – Switzerland, in the period from 12th to 15th September.

On that competition, the record number of states from all over the world took place - all together 42. The members of the Serbian team were Goran Čegar, Saša Stolić, Nebojša Milenković, Saša Perišić and Boško Bjelajac and they took 23rd place in the team placing, and the most successful representative was, again, a senior sergeant Goran Čegar.

The length of the running track was 11,970m with the difference of levels from 1046m, which is exceptionally demanding and slippery, and most part of it was muddy. It was strong competition, and the fact that for five minutes 80 competitors crossed the finish line also proved it.

On these competitions and preparations, a senior sergeant Goran Čegar says: ’ In the championship we struggled bravely and everybody gave, as much as it is possible, his best at the given moment. All previous results show that with adequate preparations you can reach the world top. I would like to mention that only with mutual cooperation between The Ministry of Defence and the sportists, who want to be successful, we can expect finer and better results.In order to be successful in sport, more opportunities for preparations for the best-quality competitions should be offered to sportists because the biggest obstacle, besides money, (I obtain the most part of it) is the lack of time for going to preparations (and without them, the best results cannot be expected). I consider that the closer attention should be paid to sportists, as it is done in the neighbouring countries, whose sportists are the olimpic medal winners and they are skeleton of the olimpic team. I would entirely devote myself to trainings which are very strenuous and they last, on a daily basis, between six and eight hours.’

Results in 2008:

  • The European Mounting Running Championships, Germany, July – 18th place (like a team)
  • The Balkans Mountain Cross-Country Championships, Bulgaria, Jun – 3rd place in the team placing
  • The Regional Military Championships, Ohrid – 1st place in the team placing
  • The Regional Military Championships, Sarajevo – 1st place in the team placing
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