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The Artillery School

There were more attempts at founding degree-granting military school in The Principality of Serbia from the acquiring of the autonomous status in The Ottoman Empire in 1830. In December 1830, The Military Academy started its work, but after the six months the school stopped working. Some years later, Ilija Garasanin, who was in charge of The Garrison Army, suggested that The Artillery School should be founded and in that way to improve the military education of The Principality of Serbia. The State Counsel accepted the proposal, and the Prince Aleksandar Karadjordjevic welcomed it on 18th March 1850. The Artillery School is the first military degree-granting institution in Serbia, whose tradition, today, was preserved by The Military Academy in Belgrade.

The Structure of the Military Academy

After the Serbian-Turkish Wars (1876-1878), The Principality of Serbia was, at The Congress of Berlin, 1878, internationally recognized as the independent and sovereign state. War experiences and enlargement of the state territory, imposed the necessity of reorganizing The Artillery School. The Minister of Defense of the General Staff, second-lieutenant Jovan Miskovic, set up the commission which launched ‘The Act on the Structure of the Military Academy’. The National Assembly adopted ‘The Act on the Structure of the Military Academy’ and the Prince Milan Obrenovic accepted it on 30th January 1880.



Military Institutions

The Military Academy kept working until The Balkans Wars (1912). The work was also stopped during the First World War, and then, once again, in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, by breaking out of The April War in 1941.


During The Second World War, by the decision of The Supreme Command of The Army of National Liberation and The Partisan Force of Yugoslavia from 21st November 1944, The Military Academy of The Democratic Federative Republic of Yugoslavia was founded. Two-year studying started in February 1945. By The General Staff’s Decree from 31st July 1945, The Military Academy was reformed as the general military academy and it was decided that the military-academy students continued the education in the special military institutions deployed by arms. Until September 1945. The Military Institutions were formed, and the teaching started in November 1945. In 15 military Institutions, placed on the complete territory of Democratic Federative Republic of Yugoslavia, education lasted from 14 months to 2 years. The Military Academy’s tradition was followed by The Infantry Military Institution.

The Military Academy (The Land Forces)

Education in the Infantry Military Institution was, 1949, prolonged from two to three years. After that, the name ‘The Infantry Military Institution’ was changed in The National Active Infantry Officers School, and then in The Active Duty Officers School. Finally, 1952, the school got the name ‘The Military Academy of The National Army of Yugoslavia’.The Military Academy of the National Army of Yugoslavia trained the officers of all arms of the Land Forces. The Military Academy of the National Army of Yugoslavia was in 1964 renamed in The Military Academy of the Land Forces so the name served the purpose.

The Military Academy - one-of-the-kind

Education at the Military Academy the Land Forces was, in 1966, prolonged from three to four years. Alongside with the Military Academy of the Land Forces, the other military academies of branches, arms and services were developed. Until the breaking out of the civil war on the territory of former SFR Yugoslavia, the military academies were working without major changes in organization. From 1991, the arm officers were educated at The Military Academy, and the officers of the service at The Military-Technical Academy. The Military Academy, one-of-the-kind, was intended for education of officers for the needs of all arms and services is located from 2006 on one location in Belgrade at Banjica.

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