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Graduate Studies

A professional qualification, moral completeness and physical readiness are the basis for successful realization of tasks and command of units in positioned missions and tasks, continual development and improvement of officers.

An officer is the one whose vocation is commanding.

A general aim of education at the general academic studies:

The aim of the education at the Military Academy is the education of students for the vocation of professional officer, training for initial duties at the level of commanding officer of platoon and preparations for intellectual and ethical challenges of officer vocation, in accordance with missions and tasks of The Army of Serbia.

There are six programs of studies at the Military Academy:

The programs of studies have many modules which provide students with vast specialist knowledge and necessary skills which an officer of the Army of Serbia has to possess.

After graduation, students become: managers (defense managers), mechanical engineers ( engineers of military - mechanical engineering), engineers of electrical engineering and computer science ( engineers of military - electronic engineering), engineers of techology ( engineers of military - chemical engineering) and engineers of traffic and transportation ( engineers of military aviation – pilots) by profession. After their graduation from the first degree academic studies, students go into a professional military service at the rank of second-lieutenant or they can go on with their education at the master studies organized by the Military Academy.

To these students, alongside attendance of compulsory lectures, it is also enabled to acquire internationally accepted certificates: STANAG (knowledge of foreign languages) and ECDL ( computer skills).

Teaching process at the Military Academy consists of active classes ( lectures, exercises, and other forms of teaching) and special forms of teaching ( camps, military training, training in winter conditions – skiing, training for steering a motor vehicle, flight training, embarking on the ships of river units, etc.). The teaching process is organized by the teachers from the Military Academy, as well as professors from other faculties, associates from scientific institutions, The Ministry of Defence and The General Staff of the Army of Serbia. Emphasis is on the practical impelementation of knowledge and skills which students acquire through lectures and exercises.

Teaching is organized in the contemporary equipped laboratories, cabinets, classrooms equipped with computers and Internet. The library and reading-rooms, with numerous publications of scientific-educational literature and fiction and possibility of using the newest publications of technical journals are at students' disposal. All programs which are organized at the Military Academy are in a complete accordance with the programs of studies which are organized at military academies in Europe.

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