In addition to teaching...

Although not an integral part of study programs, extracurricular activities are an important factor for the development of personality of cadets.
The following indicators show the significance of free sports activities:
  • permanent habits for physical activity and sports in general are created in both the teaching process and extracurricular activities;
  • promotes the engagement of cadets, teachers and other members of the Military Academy in sports sections and extracurricular activities;
  • allows the participation of the Military Academy sports teams in competitions within the Armed Forces of Serbia, the University of Belgrade, the city of Belgrade, the Republic of Serbia and the international military competitions;
  • at public performances of individuals and sports teams, healthy competition and sportsmanship is developed, with a maximum of practice, representing the character of the Armed Forces’ members and promoting officer’s profession.
Organized by CISM (International Military Sports Council), the Military Academy sports team, consisting of 46 cadets, officers and civil servants, participated in the First Cadet World Military Games in Turkey, in October 2010 and won seven medals in shooting and athletics.

In addition to sports, international activities are also very important, reflecting in visits of cadets and commanders of the Cadet Brigade to foreign military academies, as well as tours to important cultural and historical monuments abroad.

What is also very important is the cooperation with the Serbian Orthodox Church, which is in accordance with a cooperation program, including the organization of lectures, discussions and visits to the monasteries, churches and other places of importance for the development of the spiritual dimensions of cadets’ personality. 
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