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The Conveniences

The Conveniences of Studying Students have the possibility, within the particular departments, to study according to shared syllabus of the Military Academy and one of the faculties of The University of Belgrade. Within the studies and specialized trainings, both the certificates for the English language: STANAG 6001 (International Military Standard) and ECDL (European Computer Driver Licence) are enabled to be earned.


Accommodation and food are provided for all students in the boarding-school of the Military Academy. During the studying, besides numerous clubs and extra-curricular activities which are not compulsory, it is organized for all students:

  • The training for steering a motor vehicle for gaining a driving license (C category)
  • The skiing instruction

Students have at their disposal the sports center, which enables playing almost all sports during the whole year. After the graduation, a student is promoted to an officer at the rank of second-lieutenant of arm-service, and after that, he is provided with a job in the Army of Serbia.

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