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Health Examination

Competence of candidates for enrolment at the Military Academy is proved on the basis of general and specialist health examinations. If it is found, during the general health examination, that a candidate does not fit for professional military service, they are not sent to the specialist health examination. Candidates who pass general health examination, are sent to the specialist health examination, which is conducted at The Military Medical Academy in Belgrade. General medical examinations are carried out by general practitioners at garrison's outpatients departmants ( the place of examination is determined by the Military Department to whom a candidate belongs to) and these examinations consist of: the assessment of general health condition, measurement of a candidate's height and weight, etc. Specialist medical examinations consist of the following parts:

  1. Anthropological measurements
  2. Laboratory tests
  3. Radiopulmonary examination
  4. Otolaringological examination
  5. Psychological examination
  6. Neuropsychiatric examination
  7. Surgical examination
  8. Dermatovenerogical examination
  9. Stomatological examination and
  10. Internal-medicine examination

Besides the mentioned examinations which are compulsory for candidates of both sexes, feminine candidates have to undergo gynaecological examination. Specialists and psychologists evaluate medical-psychological competence of candidates on the basis of the results.

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