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The endowment fund was established in 1993 with the aim of preserving memory of a courageous second-lieutenant. The Serbian Orthodox Church, The Army of Yugoslavia and The University of Belgrade are the founders of the fund. The Fund is financed by the founders' means and other donators among which the most important is Borko's mother – a poet who her proceeds of her books invest into the fund. In the charge of the fund is the Board of Management and it consists of the founders' representatives.

The purpose of the fund is rewarding of students of schools which Borko attended as well as of some other schools. So, the funds' rewards belong to the best pupils of the primary school 'Petar Lekovic' from Pozega and the Military High School, as well as to the best students of the Military Academy, The University of Belgrade and The Faculty of Theology.

Besides that, the fund, in accordance with its possibilities, awards a scholarship to the children whose parents got killed in war. Also, the fund provides both the families of the killed and the sicked without material means with grant and it finances scientific works in the military history.

Generous aims of the fund, the number of awarded students, and the name of honourable second-lieutenant that stands behind all these, are the best indicators of the past, but we also hope, and future successes in carrying out of this charitable mission.

On Borko

Borko Nikitovic was born on 9th July 1968 in Pozega. He finished a primary school in his home town, and since then, he defined the guidelines of his future school successes, having achieved an avarage grade 5,00, and having become the best pupil of his municipality. He also received the October Prize.

After the primary school, he enrolled for the Military High School in Belgrade and he graduated from it four years later, of course, with the best marks. On that occasion he got a present from the Chief of the General Staff – a wrist watch.

After the Military High School, he enrolled on the Military Academy in Belgrade, and he graduated from the Academy in a war year 1991 as the first in the rank, with the average mark 10,00. Then, the president of Yugoslavia presented him with a pistol and the Head of the General Staff with a wrist watch. As the best young officer, he got one more recognition, embodied in the first working place – always in the elite Guards Brigade.

Borko Nikitovic fulfills his wish for improvement by enrolling for The Faculty of Economics of the University of Belgrade. The expected result of these studies was not achieved for destiny wanted so - the war years came. The Slavonic battlefield was the place at which he kept the taken oath to the homeland and laid the most valuable – his life. A simbolic award did not fail to come this time, too – by the decree of the President of Yugoslavia, he was posthumously honoured wih the Order of Gallantry.

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