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In memory of an artist, visionary, hero of defense...

The Fund 'Dejan Mancic' owes its roots to the visionary poet personally, who was, four years before a tragic, but heroic end of life, in his published poem ''The Power of Words'' heralded: '' If one does not mention someone, he did not exist at all''; he told his mother once: '' Mother, when I go away for ever, I would like people to remember me''.

Fulfilling Dejan's wish, and for the purpose of preserving memory of Dejan, his poems, humanity, courage, patriotism, or concisely speaking, in memory of his generousity, The Mancic family and The City of Nis set up the fund ''Dejan Mancic'' in 2000. The Ministry of Culture, by its decree from 5th June 2000, agreed to the family's request and by having done this, the fund started its humane mission. The main aim of the fund is to discover and help young artists – from the fields of poetry, painting, art photography and other forms of creativity - in which Dejan alone had a great success.

Thus, traditionally, from its establishing on 21st June 2000, The Fund gives a chance to the young poets of applying for the first collection of poems of young authors. The young poets can apply on 4th April – the day when Dejan died, and works are collected until 10th May, and jury announces the winner on 21st June, on the day of Dejan's birthday, and a book is published and promoted on 30th September – on the day of Artillery Missile Unit and Antiair Defense. The Fund, also, every year, gives the award to the youngest author on the international exhibition of art photography in Nis, which is organized under the patronage of The City of Nis and besides it, the Fund also supports indepenent exhibitions of young members of photo club ''FON'', and there are the envisaged activities for stimulating young painters, too. The Fund ''Dejan Mancic'' is one of the sponsors of the public speaking contest of the Faculty of Law of the University of Nis, and it also gives a special award to the youngest contestant of a public speaking contest.

On Dejan

Dejan Mancic was born in Nis on 21st June 1975. In Nis, he finished both a primary school and The High School of Economics. He was a student of Faculty of Law. The Law Studies were not excuse for him to postpone his military service, so, in 1996, he was in Army. In the war year 1999, he willingly joined the Army – more precisely, 230rd Antiaircraft Defense. Unfortunaltely, he gave his life on the battlefield, on the occasion of bombing his baterry at the position of Grebnik, near Pec. He died of the effects of forbidden cluster bombs. For his heroic sacrifice, the homeland simbolically gave him a posthumous Order for Merits in defense of the homeland of the first degree.

Dejan was a talented poet, painter, an amateur art photographer, journalist, actor, he liked sports, and he will be remebered as the hero who laid down the most important what one has – life, and the most important what an artist has – his life works.

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