The legend of the elite unit

A commemorative cup ''lieutenant-colonel Goran Ostojic'' traditionally take place in Jagodina, every year, with the aim of fostering memory of legendary chief of command of elite 63rd parachute brigade, who bravely laid his life on 28th July 1998 on Kosovo and Metohija. We have to mention that in the memory of lieutenant-colonel Ostojic, the primary school was founded in Jagodina, which was named after this hero, and on whose day (21st May), every year, this cup is held. A commemorative cup became tradition from 1999, and it takes place in Jagodina, a small town where Goran Ostojic grew up.

We should mention that at the very beginning the commemorative cup took place on the libertion day of the town where Goran Ostojic grew up, and by founding the school, the day was replaced by the school day which was named after a honourable name of lieutenant colonel Ostojic. A commemorative cup has both executive and organizing committee. As the president of organizing committee, Goran's father – Velimir Ostojic appeared in one moment. The organizing committee enacted, in the meeting held 23rd January 2001, The Book of Rules which defines tasks and contents of the commemorative cup. The content of the Cup was adjusted to sports disciplines which were close to lieutenant-colonel Ostojic ( cross-country in numerous categories of athletic clubs and the Army, numerous categories of karate tournament, air display, parachute cup in classic disciplines with jumpings at the target according to the proportions of Alliance Sport Parachute and the Army, shooting competition, judo competition according to the proportions of Judo Alliance of Serbia, scout all-round competition, exhibition of paintings and photos and competition in other sports specified by the Organizing Committee.) At the commemorative cup, teams from foreign countries can take place and it makes this event have international character.

It is worth mentioning that in the memory of lieutenant-colonel Ostojic, but also pilot-major Zoran Radosavljevic, one more from the courageous formation who gave his life for the homeland ( in the same war) , the parachute club was founded in 2002 at the Military Academy as one more symbolic reminder of the past war in which both of them stood in defense of the homeland, two masters of heavens – together a pilot and a parachutist.

On Goran

Goran Ostojic was born in 1962 in Backo Dobro Polje. He started attending a primary school when he was five years old, and then he and his parents moved to Jagodina. At the primary school, he was attracted to the disciplines which will determine his future profession, so he was a radio-amateur, aero-model constructor, with 14 years he became, with his father's consent, the youngest parachutist in the aero club ''Our Wings'' and the youngest sailplane pilot and very soon the pilot of motor planes, and of course, there were inevitable football and basketball, as well as karate which was so useful in his future profession. He graduated from The High School when he had 17 years and he successfully enrolled for the Military Academy. Goran chose, according to some people, the hardest course – infantry. He graduated from the Academy with the bests marks and he was deployed in the elite 63rd parachute brigade. During his career, he passed through all officers duties and superiors of his qualities, from a branch and service comander to the head of operational service and the chief of the command brigade. On that path, there were many smaller challenges - from the fateful ones (remember, with only 18 parachutists, Goran Ostojic held the airport ''Cerkulje'', having enabled evacuation of planes and equipments, then the actions in Bihac, Pula, at Zemunik near Zadar, the first parachute jump in the Bosnian war and on that occassion conquering Jadar near Srebrenica, all these are only examples of what he passed during his carrer what certainly shaped his extraodrinary officer personality, made him know well military profession, but also someone who, having seen others, darker images of life, became, as his friends claimed, the real man and friend.) He fell in the battle, with a rifle in his hands, as it fits to the leader of his quality, in 1998 near Junik. Posthumously, he was promoted to the rank of second-lieutenant ( not knowing that he was regularly envisaged for that rank, which should be given to him on the day of the unit that year.) Having occurred this tragic event, Goran's son Bogdan and wife Marina lose their father and husband, but the formation of our celestial warriors, the heroes of our defense of our long history, got the hero which will be a leader – equally successful and glorious, as while he was leading, during his life, the elite unit of earthly warriors of legendary parachute brigade.

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