28. 01. 2009.
St. Sava's Day celebrated at the Military High School

The Day of the First Serbian Archepiscope, the founder of education in Serbia, St. Sava’s Day, has been celebrated today at the Military High School, with the liturgy served by Atanasije Rakita, episcope of Hvost.

The ceremony was atended by the representatives of MoD and SAF GS, the studnets and the citizens, as well as guests from the Kingdom of Norway School. After the speech delivered by Lt. Negovan Ivankovic, the Head of the Military High School congratulated the patron saint’s day of schools.

In the hall, the students performed their program.

At the traditional St. Sava academy, organized by the Ministry of Educaton, the student of the third year of the Military Academy, Marko Radojevic, gave his speech.

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