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At Belgrade quay on the Danube in Novi Sad, SAF carried out the demo exercise “Sretenje 09” thus marking the SAF Day and the National Hliday today.

The exercise was attended by Boris Tadic, President of Republic of Serbia, Chairperson of the National Assembly Slavica Djukica Dejanovic, Defense Minister Dragan Sutanovac, Acting Chief of SAF GS LTG Miloje Miletic with the top officers of SAD, the members of the Serbian government, the representatives of military diplomatic corps, of local self-government, of religious communities and denominations and numerous citizens of Novi Sad.

The capital of AP Vojvodina has in recent years showed to be a good host to many military manifestations along with Belgrade and Nis.

The President of Serbia Boris Tadic, in his congratulatory address to the members of SAF and the citizens of Serbia, on occasion of the National Holiday, stated that “Marking this day units army and state, thus renewing the deep connection which goes centuries back”.

Tadic stressed that Serbia posed no threat to anyone, but that it should be viewed rather as a partner, a pillar of regional stability and security and as a democratic and European country.

„Sebia defends its interest predominantly using peaceful means. It is policy we opted for and which will be our motto in the future as well. Armed Forces are a guarantor of this peaceful policy and an institution we all pose our trust in”, said President Tadic.

“The Kosovo issue is the most delicate of our and regional as well as European safety and policy. We remain firmly resolved t defend our legitimate rights by legal and diplomatic means and not by using force. Serbia wil never accept Kosovo’s independence, and by adhering to international laws, its own legal interests, it will defend its integrity on Kosovo using legal means, before the International Court of Justice”, President Tadic highlighted, adding that besides becoming a full member of EU, Serbia’s wish was to maintain good relations with both US and Russia, “and another of our goals is it is strengthen our relations with Montenegro, Croatia, BiH and Macedonia, despite the fact that these countries have recognized Kosovo’s independence.

He took this opportunity to remind the present of two great historical events: 205th year since the First Serbian Uprising against the Ottoman Empire and 174 years since the Sretenje Constitution was adopted. This was an occasion for President Tadic to call upon all the citizens of Serbia to remain on their path to EU yet to preserve integrity, sovereignty, and dignity, in order to have a state we all want-a strong, stable and respectable state.

736 SAF professionals from the SAF Army, and Air Force participated in the exercise, which focused on demonstrating operational capabilities of the special brigade, first brigade and the Riverine, of the MP Fifth Battalion and the 204th, 98th aviation base and 250th rocket base. The SAF units demonstrated combined-arms sequences of training to perform tasks pertaining to the defense of the state, and in providing civil support.

This exercise comprised seven sequences followed by a tactical alignment of arms and military equipment which provided the citizens an opportunity to get familiar with the combat and non-combat arms deployed by our armed forces.

The first sequence was a demonstration of deployment of one of the latest arms in SAF military arsenal-the use of mini LB ORBITER unmanned air crafts. This is a reconnaissance system of SAF Army units used to gather intelligence data on the theatre, the enemy, weather conditions in real time. Also there was a demonstration of networking the signal from this system into command-information system. The observers could watch on video beams the signal from air crafts which were flying over Belgrade and Novi sad at that very moment. Furthermore,there was a demonstration of a geographical-information system which is a product of domestic knowledge and expertise.

The second sequence was an air craft and artillery support to a forceful surmounting of water obstacle with a combination of combined activities. This was performed by the Riverine units, the aviation and river commando units from the special brigade. The air space control and protections of forces providing fire support from the ground was marked by the flights of MiG29 and Galeb G-4 air crafts. Gama helicopters demonstrated a fire support to the forceful crossing of the river. River commando units showed their diving skills as part of a simulation of an attack on a vessel while artillery preparations and support to the river crossing exercise was simulated using training devices.

The third and fourth and fifth sequences showed a forceful embarking and taking over the opposite side of the Danube by an assault using pontoon units to transport. Parts of transport scenes as well as of an helicopter and water assault along with an anti terrorist activities on a hijacked bus and a vessel were those scenes which the audience observed with great attention. The parade of all participants ended the exercise.

Marking the SAF Day ended in a tactical alignment which drew the attention of many Novi Sad citizens.

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