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11. 05. 2009.   10:55:50

Our Sailing team Third on the Mediterranean and 13th in the World

The Military Academy sailing team won the third place in qualification of the countries of the Mediterranean and The Black Sea as well as the 13th in the world on the prestigious regatta, held in Livorno between April 27th and May 4th, 2009.

The first in the general placement were the team from Bahrain, Italy was the second, and Sweden was the third. In the Mediterranean and the Black Sea classification, Italy took the first place, while Slovenia ended the race second.

The weather conditions were not kind to our team and they made best results on the first day, during the strongest wind, while they sailed slower the rest of the days of the regatta due to the mild wind. Besides that, a bent mast slowed the sailing down the wind so that they would often lose gained advantage in the sail up the wind.

However, this is the greatest success of our yachtsmen who participated at this regatta for the second time as the representatives of the only continental country at regatta. The attention of the organizer as well as everyone present was given to the fact that ours was not a typical marine team since it included a student of the Military Academy finacial service, a pilot and a student of antiaircraft defense. The team was comprised of:

1.    Commander Svetislav Soskic, team leader and trainer;
2.    Lieutenant Jovan Krivokapic, skipper;
3.    Ensign Aleksandar Djordjevic, crewman;
4.    student Ilija Kolarski, crewman;
5.    student Zoran Jovanovic, crewman and
6.    student Dragan Lazic, crewman.

The team had been training on Sava and Danube on sailboats lent to them by Aleksandar Loridon, Vlada Mitrovic, a Serbian M-550 class secretary and Marko Jelic, whose sailboat is still on the Belgrade Confluence. Тhanks to them, our representation succeeded in preparing for this regatta.

This year, 19 countries accepted the invitation of Italian Naval Academy and the City of Livorno, with 20 teams which took competition in the class of sailingboats J 24. Besides military representations, 25 teams from Italy and whole Europe took part on the regatta field, among them olympic and world champions, and in our class 45 ships competed. The regatta is called ’The Trophy of  the Naval Academy and the City of Livorno’, and it represents the best organized regatta on the Mediterranean on which more than 2.000 sailing boats from all over the world take part and they compete on approximately 1.000 ships in 12 different classes of sailingboats.

It is the greatest yachting manifestation in Italy, and it is held on the sea surface of the Tirenian Sea.

Our team has been invited to take part in The European and World Championship in the class of sailingboats J 24 which will be held next year in Turkey, and it is planned that they come on the World Military Championship in August in Poland.

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