12. 06. 2009.
The Students of 33rd Class of the Military High School Finished Their Education

The ceremony on the occasion of finishing the education of 82 students of the 33rd class of the Military High School in Belgrade has been held at the Military Academy today. This gathering has been attended by the school leavers and their families, other students of the Military High School, professors and superiors of the school, the Head of the Military Academy, major-general Vidosav Kovacevic, MA, the Head of the Department of Education in the Ministry of Defence, brigadier general Mladen Vuruna, PhD and the representative of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Radovan Bigovic, PhD.

Congratulating school leavers on successful completition of high-school education, the Head of the Military High School, colonel Milan Stevic, MA said – ‘Four years ago, you started your education in the school with thirty-nine year long tradition and honored place in the Army and society. You both did and learned a lot and from bareface boys you have become grown and mature boys who are pride of our High School. We were trying to give you the best possible education. Now, you are a good example for your peers. The greatest number of you will continue education at the Military Academy at Belgrade. Be proud of being the part of the 33rd class, for memory of days spent in the Military High School and friendships you made here will follow you throughout your entire life. The Military High School will be the part of you forever, and you will always be its 33rd generation’ – said colonel Stevic.

Three best students of the 33rd class: Ivan Sibinovic, Dusan Rudovic and Dimitrije Becarevic – were awarded with hand watches with inscriptions. For the achieved success during their education, stationeries were awarded to Aleksandar Vidakovic, Nemanja Smajovic and Petar Stefanovic by the Head of the Military Academy. Sasa Stanic, Milutin Babic, Nemanja Zoric and Mihailo Curcic were awarded with books by the Head of the Military High School. Brigadier general Mladen Vuruna, PhD, handed written acknowledgements to students.

The best student of the generation got an annual award of the Fund ‘Second – lieutenant Borko Nikitovic’, which was founded by The Serbian Orthodox Church, The University of Belgrade and the Army of Serbia in 1993. The award was handed by Zora Nikitovic, the mother of the killed second – lieutenant Borka Nikitovica, who finished the Military High School in 1987 and killed in the struggles near Vukovar in 1991, trying to rescue a wounded soldier.

Major-general Vidosav Kovacevic, and, on the behalf of class teachers, Dragica Maslesa and the Head of the 33rd class of the Military High School, sub - lieutenant Miroslav Citic wished to school leavers – who achieved very good results during their high-school education with the average mark of the class 3, 62 – success in further education and professional career.

The ceremony at the Military Academy was completed by the occasional program of the performing orchestra of the Ministry of Defence’s Art Ensemble ‘Stanisalv Binicki’.

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