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23. 06. 2009.   13:30:25

Students on International Cruising

The school ship Jadran sailed into Istanbul on 26th June 2009, the first harbor during this-year cruise, after five days of voyage and 800 miles passed.

The crew was welcomed by Vice Admiral Feyyaz Ogutcu, the Commander of the North Fleet of Turkey.

The students of the Military Academy from Belgrade arrived at the second point of their voyage, and they left behind them four seas: the Adriatic Sea, the Ionian Sea, the Aegean Sea and the Marmora Sea and  the straits like Corinth and Dardanelles. At the entrance of the Bosphorus ( in Turkish: Istanbul Bogazi ) in the early morning hours on 26th June 2009 they saw the imperial city, then Constantinople, after that Stamboul, and Istanbul now.

After five days of sailing on the heavy sea, the students mastered initial training in terestic navigation and maritime. Rescuing a man from the sea, leaving the ship, training for the work on sails, sail rising, location, measuring of objects which are on the cost and astronomic navigation were only some of the topics they mastered.

From the moment of leaving The Bay of Kotor until the entering The Bosphorus, weather did not work for them, so that the students were forced to be, at the very beginning, adapted to maritime life, ship conditions and overcoming of seasickness. Extremely heavy south wind which was causing huge sea waves on the Ionian Sea and the Aegean Sea and the lack of faith made problems ( heavy rain and wind with the speed of 30 meters per second, the sea which achieved sixth state on the Beaufort Scale of Wind Strenght (out of 12) ) complicated normal activites on the ship. However, besides all these problems, the students carried out their duties responsibly and conscientiouly as if they had been on the ship before and that this was not their first sailing by boat.

During their visit to Turkey, the students were welcomed by the representatives of Turkish Navy in the officers club. They went sightseeing and after it they visited the Military Academy of Turkey. The evening before leaving Istanbul, the reception for the high representatives of Turkish Navy, military representatives of other states which were also on this cruise and other public personalities from social and cultural life of Turkey was organized on Jadran.

Sailing will be continued on 30th June, when Jadran will set its sails up towards Constanta where it should arrive on 2nd July 2009.

Inclination towards knowledge and sailing gave them strength, courage and before all they wanted to learn a lot, as well as to go through difficult situations on the sea beacuse only in that way they can find out why they chose to be sailors by profession – said commander Šoškić Svetislav.

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