​Today, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Nebojša Stefanović PhD attended the final exercise of the Military Academy students and attenders of Reserve Officers’ Course in the area of military compound “Pasuljanske livade”. Stefanović stated that those young people were the pride of our Armed Forces and the pride of our country.
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Аbout the Military Academy

Officer education and training in Serbia has a long tradition, and the Military Academy of the University of Defence is the modern heir to the Artillery School founded on 18 March, 1850, by the Decree issued by Prince Aleksandar Karadjordjević. During its long history, the Military Academy has changed and transformed, but it has always had a crucial place in creating the military as a state institution of vital importance. Many officers who graduated from the Military Academy performed the highest duties in the state, which proves that the officers of the Military Academy influenced not only the development and progress of the Serbian Armed Forces, but also the state as a whole. The Military Academy, as one of the oldest pillars of education in the Republic of Serbia is constantly developing and improving its study programmes. The education and training of officers for the needs of the defence system of the Republic of Serbia are accompanied by the tradition and history of our people, the development of contemporary military thought and modern technological achievements. Today, the headquarters of the Military Academy is at Banjica in Belgrade, in the "General Jovan Misković" barracks.

Mission of the Military Academy

“The identity of a professional officer – a leader, honourable, loyal, trained and prepared for intellectual and ethical challenges of an officer’s vocation in service of the homeland - The Republic of Serbia - should be established by the Military Education System.”


Dear readers, the Military Academy is a higher education and scientific research institution that has been a historical record of our people and a strategic component of the strength of the Serbian state for the last 170 years. The education and training at the Military Academy is a complex process that includes both education and military training of future officers. The Military Academy is part of the higher education system of the Republic of Serbia, with the accredited study programmes for undergraduate, master’s and doctoral studies. The MA study programmes are designed to provide cadets, future officers, with all the necessary knowledge and skills that enable them to become commanders and heads of commands, units and institutions of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces, so they can participate in managing the defence system one day. Study programmes ensure students acquire the necessary academic and professional knowledge, provide an appropriate balance between theory and practice, and encourage future officers to develop as individuals. Continuously raising standards, making changes and constantly upgrading curricula, introducing numerous new contents and new technologies in the educational process, modernizing the infrastructure and renewing the teaching material base ensure future officers have all the prerequisites for acquiring professional knowledge that will enable them to work on their assigned positions in the Serbian Armed Forces in all three missions, which the Military Academy sets as its priority. On the premises of the Military Academy, you can find those who love Serbia above all, as it is the place where the seed of future success and victories is planted. Honour is our property and knowledge is our weapon and virtue.
Major General Bojan Zrnić
PhD in Military and Tehnical Sciences